Trying to make a living and taking care of a child can prove to be challenging. Ultimately, you will need help with either one and since you cannot compromise your work, you will need to look for other options with regards to taking care of your child. Virginia Banks Day Care is a licensed child care home servicing parents in the Lewisville, TX area. So, if you need a daycare provider for your little one, we are the home to call. We also service parents in the Dallas, Carrollton, Coppell and The Colony areas. 

If you need a competent and reliable day care service, you should look no further. We have taken care of babies as young as 11 weeks old and are fully capable of doing so. We have staff that is expertly trained to look after your little one so you can focus on bringing home the bacon. Your little one will learn many things while staying at Virginia Banks Day Care. One of the skills he or she will learn is social skills, which are extremely important. They will learn how to interact with both children and adults. We also have a routine each day, which gives them discipline and they are much happier this way. 

As a daycare provider in Lewisville, TX, we believe in taking care of your child, so you can get on with grownup’s business. This is why we try to accommodate parents by opening our doors at 06:30 AM each morning and we stay open until 06:30 PM, so you have enough time to fetch them. Our day care service is reputable and many of our children have been with us for years now. So, contact Virginia Banks Day Care and speak to us about your day care needs, so we can let you know how we can best serve you.

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